1. While registering to this website your name, telephone number and Email address will be saved in the website’s database. According to the law you are not obliged to give these details, however, without giving them some features and services might not be available.
  2. During the payment process to any of the services offered on this website, credit card number and any of the credit card details given (accept the name of the card holder) will not be stored in this website’s database nor in any other database available to the site’s owners.
  3. The site owners are commited not to hand nor publish, nor sell any personal information of registants to any third party.
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  5. The site’s owners make reasonable efforts to protect the registrants personal information and to protect their privacy. However, due to the fact the details are filled in through the web, there is no way to ensure a 100 percent protection.
  6. Given the above, The website user/registrant exempts the site owner from any liability to any damage that might be caused to him/her as a result of leakage of personal information regardless of the cause of their leak.